Die Casting Defect Analysis & Services

Eastern Alloys is a zinc die casting alloy manufacturer and supplier of aluminum and zinc die casting alloys.  In addition to our high quality alloy, we offer unique die casting technical services.  Although these services are customized for our customer's needs, they have included:

  • Defect anlaysis using metallurgical techniques
  • Basic operator training sessions
  • Technical plant audits
  • PQ^2 training and analysis
  • Alloy development
  • General design & die casting consultation

Although free to Eastern Alloys' customers, non-alloy customers, component manufacturers, end users of die castings, etc, may now also pay for these services.

Please take some time to review our services, and call us to discuss how we can assist you.

Ryan Winter
VP Engineering Services
Eastern Alloys, Inc.
Phone:  801-676-9508