Analysis of die casting defects

We use metallurgical techniques to help analyze and diagnose die casting defects.  In this process, a section of the casting containing the defect is cut, mounted in a plastic holder, polished to a metallurgigcal finish and examined under various magnifications.  This process helps clearly identify what type of defect is occuring, and helps lead to the correct root cause. 

A few thoughts about diagnosing die casting defects:

  • Die casting defects can be very deceiving.  Even experienced die casters can have issues properly diagnosing defects.  Often a metallurgical approach to diagnosing defects is required.
  • Plating defects are the most difficult defect to properly diagnose.  Arguments between plating and die casting companies are very common.  Our approach to diagnosing plating defects can clearly show where the defect occurs in conjuction with the die casting and various plating layers.
  • Die casting defects are not always due to the die casting process!  Often times the root cause of the defect is due to an improperly designed runner system or poor part design.  In these cases adjusting your process to compensate for the defect will just waste time.  Design changes may be required.
  • Having the proper tools and knowledge is vital.  Today, most die casters still do not properly use or have shot monitoring systems or run PQ^2 calculations.  These tools can help you diagnose defects very effectively, and should be required in your die casting facility.
  • Changes in personnel are inevitable, and therefore continuing training is needed.  Your new die casting or quality engineer may need assistance.  Let us help.

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