Die Cast Training

Eastern Alloys offers die casting related training modules.  Let us help support your die casting staff in their training needs.  Our training sessions have included but not limited to the following modules:

  • Die Casting Basics:  Let us train your die casting personnel the basics of training, including die casting alloys, basic die casting process, die casting variables, melting & Handling techniques, understanding the shot trace, runner system design, etc...
  • Train-the-trainer:  Series of training sessions that help your die casting trainers teach the basics of die casting.
  • PQ^2:  All die casting engineers should have a good understanding of this important tool.
  • Defect Analysis:  Diagnoising defects properly can be very difficult.  This training module helps die casting engineers develop an approach to correctly diagnosing defects.
  • Custom Training:  Call us to discuss your companies custom training needs.

These training modules can be performed in-plant or on-line.

Ryan Winter
VP Engineering Services
Eastern Alloys, Inc.
Phone:  801-676-9508